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News Release


JLL News Flash | Release of 2H 2017 Industrial Government Land Sales (IGLS) Programme

Moderate increase in supply possibly in response to improving economic and trade sentiment

​​Ms. Tay Huey Ying, Head of Research & Consultancy, Singapore

郑惠匀, 研究与咨询部主管 (新加坡)

The Government has moderately bumped up the land supply for industrial use in the 2H 2017 IGLS Programme to a total of 14 sites covering 13.90 ha, from 11 sites covering 11.25 ha in the 1H 2017 IGLS Programme.  In fact, the 2H 2017 IGLS supply is the largest industrial land supply (both in terms of the total number of sites and total site area) since 2H 2015 where 14 sites covering 14.30 ha were released. This might have taken into consideration the general uplift in economic and trade sentiment seen in 1H 2017.  

The Government continued to place only small plots with short 20-year leasehold tenure that are targeted at industrialists/end-users on the Confirmed List and keep the larger 30-year leasehold plots meant for developers on the Reserve List. This is in keeping with its policy of ensuring adequate land supply for industrialists, while recognising the still challenging industrial property market situation, with continued declines in overall rents and prices in 1Q 2017.