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​With more than 9 years of experience in the real estate industry, Priscilla has handled different kind of properties and is well versed in maintenance and leasing issues. She also had experience with accounting software – MYOB. Her corporate tenants’ accounts include but are not limited to Standard Chartered Bank, Chevron, Credit Suisse and Procter & Gamble. Currently, Priscilla specialises in Corporate Residential Leasing, and supports the Landlord based portfolio by securing leasing which are of desirable rental to the Corporate Landlords. These portfortlios include but are not limited to Cape Royale, Seascape, Turquoise, Draycott 8, Paterson Suites, 8 Napier, Cityvista Residences and 8@Mount Sophia. She is also the project IC for Cape Royale and Turquoise.