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Employees now drive workplace changes from the bottom up. Our consultants ensure the best and healthy environments to keep your people happy.​ ​We help clients find, plan, design and manage workplaces that allow ideas to thrive and the business to grow.​


The investment landscape is changing with a myriad of new opportunities in Asia Pacific. Our approaches and solutions are evolving to keep up. ​We help to drive returns, reduce risk, reposition and diversify your portfolio for growth.

Workplace Design

Business leaders are prioritising employee health and wellness, productivity, and sustainability goals. Our workplace design experts combine human experience ideas with data to deliver purpose-driven workplaces. We help reimagine a workplace that celebrates unique interactions and creates memorable experiences.


Asia Pacific accounts for the greatest growth in e-commerce globally, with consumers expecting more than ever before. ​We help navigate these complexities through tech, strategic location sourcing, space repurposing, sustainable last mile strategies and supply chain resilience.

Data Centres (DC)

The appetite for data is growing as digitalisation accelerates and digital solutions come on stream. We help you build and execute your data centre market strategy, operate your facilities, and implement sustainability programmes that drive efficiency and profitability.


Striking a balance between traditional real estate outcomes and sustainability outcomes can be a tricky feat as net zero targets loom. We help you translate your sustainability ambitions into action from strategy to implementation.

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Capital Markets

We are invested in your success. With 3,000 capital markets specialists in over 50 countries, we share our local knowledge and global perspectives together, and with you.

JLL Work Science

In the current era of work, the boundary of our ‘workplaces’ have blurred. Find out how we can help you design workspaces that improve engagement, creativity and business performance.­­


Neuroscience has shown that workplace happiness is critical to employee productivity, retention, and overall business success. With smarter technologies and real-time data analytics, commercial real estate leaders can implement effective solutions to boost their bottom line while promoting a positive work culture.