Toni Trumbull

Business Analyst, Property and Asset Management, South Australia

She may be a business analyst but ask Toni Trumbull about the universe, science and technology, and you’ll be astounded by the extent of the knowledge in those topics

“I’m a total science geek. I love physics and astronomy - I am fascinated with how the universe works,” she says. “It’s not something I’ve formally studied but I love to know more about it. I read about it a lot and I sometimes attend astronomy courses.”

A degree in astronomy may not be too far out for Toni. After all, she is already studying for a Master’s degree in data science.

And whatever she has learnt, she applies them in a focused way at work. She uses big data and technological tools to sift out trends that can help the company deliver superior performance, manage risks and create cost efficiency across its different business units.

In fact, she believes JLL is well-poised to harness the potential of cutting-edge technology.

“I see my role as being a part of this move. I’ve always been passionate about using data,” she adds.

Toni spent years working as a data analyst before she moved to be part of JLL’s property and asset management team in Adelaide about a year ago. She is particularly concerned with ground-level operations and her main job is to get more colleagues to use the tools, and feel comfortable doing so.

I see my role as being a part of this move. I've always been passionate about using data". - Toni Trumbull


For less tech-savvy colleagues, or those who are used to a certain way of working, using new tools often take some getting used to. In her previous role. Toni worked with a team member who was reluctant to use JLL’s new online mobile app. “He continued to write everything down. I approached it very casually by giving him simple instructions I knew wouldn't overwhelm him but would also demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the app,” she shares. “Over a period of time, he started to feel more comfortable and eventually embraced it and became one of the app’s biggest user.”

Toni feels when team members are more familiar and adept at digital tools, they can serve clients better. “We want to make sure we have the leading tools to service our clients, for instance, to collect data from buildings and do in-depth analyses for them,” she says.

Toni’s passion for data and technology inspires her to go to work every day.

“Technology is offering us new opportunities. I enjoy thinking about how we can take advantage of it, and be one step ahead of the competition,” she says.