Client story

Outperforming by outsourcing: Global technology manufacturer sets example for the industry

Fortune 100 semiconductor manufacturer significantly improves operations, cost-efficiency and facilities management


Semiconductor manufacturer transforms U.S. locations with standardized operations


15-30% decreased costs across business, streamlined operations and facilities management


3M SF spanning more than 80 sites across the U.S.

A global technology manufacturing company encountered complex challenges in its 80+ U.S. locations, including a disjointed operations model, aging infrastructure, rising operation costs and fierce competition for technical talent. Inconsistent service delivery and supply chain complexities further compounded these issues.

Historically, the semiconductor company managed facilities in-house and was wary about outsourcing for the first time across regions. However, a strategic integrated facilities management (IFM) partnership with JLL empowered the Fortune 100 tech company to address operational inefficiencies, manage costs, and build portfolio and talent management strategies fit for the future.

By harnessing industry-leading practices and technology, JLL partnered with the client to reboot and optimize operations, support technical teams and recruit qualified professionals to fill highly technical roles.

Integrating JLL proptech, we enhanced asset assignment visibility and analytics for better life cycle planning, budgeting and scheduling. These upgrades also facilitated long-term capital planning and ongoing cost savings.

We created and updated SOPs and MOPs to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency. These playbooks have the flexibility to be replicated in other markets, enabling operational consistency and support for technical teams.

Skilled on-demand technicians with JLL Mobile Engineering Services increased resiliency and flexibility for the client’s U.S. sites, minimizing downtime for critical space operations. JLL’s global sourcing and procurement teams minimized supply chain disruptions. Contractor services for internal moves were eliminated, saving an estimated 30% in labor charges.

Driven to find further cost savings, JLL’s transportation group redesigned the campus shuttle program to provide real-time, efficient service. By implementing an app for on-demand service with analytics-based learning, transportation costs decreased 15% year-over-year.

Not only did this tech firm address operational and aging infrastructure challenges with guidance from JLL, but our partnership also enhanced cost efficiency and operations across their business.

Bright outcomes made possible
  • Decreased supply costs 20%
  • Created 30% savings for internal moves
  • Completed four year-end maintenance on time and on budget
  • Reduced transportation costs by 15% YOY
  • Collected, analyzed and harmonized data
  • Recruited and supported specialized tech talent