Client story

Helped set up the largest MMA Training Centre in Shanghai

UFC is dedicated to providing a competitive arena for the most excellent MMA players in the world and helping them achieve their ambitions.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s largest, top-notch and most influential Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event.

The world’s largest MMA training and development base, UFC Performance Institute Shanghai, was unveiled in June 2019. It aims to provide an international and best-in-class training environment for top players in China and the Asia-Pacific region and to develop more outstanding champion players, particularly from China.

As the pioneering leader in MMA organizations across the globe, UFC strives to create a world-class platform and provide a competitive arena for the world’s best MMA players.

At JLL, it is our ambition to maximize the potential charm of a city brand. It has always been our pursuit to bring more diversified culture, art, and sports elements into the Chinese market. UFC Performance Institute Shanghai not only displays what we advocate, i.e. the “City Ambition”, it is also a vivid epitome of our brand promise of “Achieve Ambitions”.

“It is our overall company mission of becoming a global iconic sports brand. All of these things have started to really click for us. We are very thankful to JLL and the team for helping us through this entire process to make our dream and ambition a reality.”

Kevin Chang