Davos leaders determined to act

The strong consensus for the need to act on climate change has continued through this Davos week.

January 25, 2020

I have taken part in meetings and panels ranging across a broad theme of topics - from the future of cities, through investment outlooks and affordable housing policies, to set-piece political speeches. Almost all have placed sustainability at or close to the top of their agenda. 

This 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum feels like a sea change. It isn't just talk, organizations of all sorts are coming here to share their actions plans. While there is very much to do, the determination to act is certainly encouraging. There is recognition that this will also drive business performance. Reducing negative impact on the environment will lead longer-term to better results. The business community is on a journey toward defining the KPIs that will move us beyond simple quarterly or annual assessments of those actions.

For JLL this is a very positive development. Our longstanding program of Building a Better Tomorrow positions us to set an example for our industry, and has given us a lot of experience to help our clients on their journey. We should not be shy in advising on environmental sustainability and running it as a business, like other services and products we offer to our clients. In the many conversations I have had with leaders of large organizations over the past week, nearly all said they need help in reducing the carbon footprint in their built environment.

This is my 10th year at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos. It is one of those activities at which you get better the more often you take part. You learn from previous experience and constantly improve your efficiency in taking the most out of the vast information and knowledge offered by the Forum. It is a privilege to participate and adds strong encouragement to the whole JLL team to continue giving our very best in helping to make the world each day a slightly better place. Shaping the future of real estate for a better world is our corporate purpose, and coming to the World Economic Forum at Davos is one way of bringing it to life. 

Christian Ulbrich