Preparing for an AI-first strategy

This week at Davos, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer of Accenture and co-author of the book Human + Machine, and Nielsen CEO David Kenny on a panel ‘Reimagining work in the age of AI.’

December 16, 2019

Moderated by HBR editor Amy Bernstein, the panel netted insightful points on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will re-shape the world of work by enabling programs to learn independently rather than needing to be specifically programmed to do tasks.

Key takeaways for C-suite leaders in every company include:

  • Make data a first-class citizen from creating a consistent collection flow, to building clean data models, to enabling scaled storage and access. Building AI systems with your unique data sets can be a key competitive differentiator and help you grow share and customer delight.
  • Just as the mobile wave began 11 years ago making smartphones ubiquitous today, the AI wave is growing at an even faster pace and will be pervasive. Look at your top business metrics and put AI to work to help each of these metrics succeed.
  • Every industry will be transformed – from education to healthcare to manufacturing to agriculture – so invest now in reskilling your workforce. As machines take over many of the repetitive tasks, humans have greater opportunity to focus more on strategic tasks that drive more value, and the workforce must be ready to do so.

Much of human progress has been based on our intellect and ability to adapt. AI can help turbo charge intelligence in many dimensions. We need to learn to adapt to these new possibilities and leverage the potential of AI to create a world where we can eliminate poverty, grow life expectancies and elevate the standard of living just as we have with each of the past three industrial revolutions.

Vinay Goel is JLL’s Chief Digital Product Officer.

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