Companies planning for a post-pandemic future

Global Real Estate Perspective, February 2021

Corporate occupiers are accepting that they may never operate again in the way they did pre-crisis and that the ability to continuously adapt to new and changing conditions will be essential for future success. As we move through the vaccination phase, companies are recognizing the need for a coexistence with COVID-19 along with the importance of planning for a post-pandemic state. 

2021 will be a year of inflection, experimentation and piloting

Having already adjusted to a pattern of intermittent attendance and greater workplace flexibility, companies will also have to lean into and proactively address changing workforce preferences to retain their top talent.

There is no roadmap to follow. Instead, navigating the future of work needs agility to adapt to changes throughout 2021 and beyond. This is not insignificant as there are three considerable targets in sight:

  1. Enable hybrid work
  2. Empower and engage employees wherever they work
  3. Manage and sustain dynamic occupancy planning

The opportunity to reimagine the future of work has never been stronger, and companies should explore solutions that fit and flex with their organization best – particularly the hybrid work model combined with a remote-first and digital-first approach. Universally, whatever the enterprise, there should be a new focus: always-on transformation leading to always-on resiliency.